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Most popular with homeowners is our 2 hour Anything Appointment.  It is a great place to start as making changes is challenging for even the most experienced renovator.

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Anything Appointment

Making new design selections can be daunting. I have many years of experience in Interior Design, Fashion & Art. This service is diverse for single family homes, multifamily condo buildings, high rise buildings, retail & office spaces. 

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Pick a Paint Color

The number one fear I hear from clients is choosing the paint color.  One hour at your home and you will go to the paint store with total confidence! You can be bold or calm, light or dark, cool or warm. 
Think of color as an emotion, it really is.

Paint Cans

Virtual Design Consult

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to make quick choices. Show me your room from your laptop, phone or tablet live.  


New Home Selections

Meeting with you & your builder to make your new home selection process intelligent, timeless for your family and enjoyable.

Moving In

Shop & Source

I shop for a living, we call this sourcing in the business. Every piece of furniture, art, accents; all the details are shopped for in a cohesive design style. You do not have to do it alone. Together will be more productive, beautiful and fun; not to mention painless.


Mood & Color Photo Story

Selecting color, deciding how light or dark, which rooms, what design style, coordinating other accents, is easier with a a photo story board. You can download and take it with you everywhere.


What Our Clients Say

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I had the pleasure of working with Connie for several years. Connie is full of life and her personality in one of a kind! Connie is a master at her craft and her passion for design shows through everyday!

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