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Mirror Mirror On The ?

Bookmatched stone creates a stunning result and commands a lot of attention. To get the maximum effect bookmatched stone is best displayed on a large area where this statement piece can be admired. Some of the more common places you may see bookmatched stone is a large kitchen island, table, feature wall or shower wall. Bookmatched stone is a work of art that allows the viewer to see patterns, shapes or even faces in its abstract design.

Bookmatched processes need stones with particular characteristics for it to work and highlight the stone properties correctly. Stones that are used as bookmatched slabs must have linear patterns and movement in them. Typically slabs are cut and laid flat ready to be polished then bundled together in the same order at the end of the process. When slabs are bookmatched instead of polishing the same side of each slab, the slabs are alternated so they are polished on opposite sides. Then when the two bookmatched slabs are placed next to each other, they will open up like a book and show a mirror image of each other.

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